The second generation "Noah II" is being created by n.o.z.o.m.i.


The "Noah II" is described as a device which shows people artificial images closer to a hallucination than a hologram but surpasses both as the "images" possess a sense of presence.

The device converts artificial images to nerve impulses broadcasted as electromagnetic waves. These waves are directly received by human dopamine receptors. By pushing these waves or images into a "dead/blind spot" in the human mind the images are perceived by the human as "real".

This device rivals the power of Gigalomaniacs. In other words it is a mechanical gigalomaniac.

Noah II's core system is based on the "Ir2 equation ", and NA synapse code samples, which were taken from gigalomaniacs, are used to build its processor. NA synapse code samples are explained as being taken from the part of the brain which gives commands. The more code samples gathered from various gigalomaniacs, the more powerful Nozomi is able to make the Noah II.

The technology used to create Noah II was later used by the committee of 300 in Robotics;Notes to create the Noah IV


By utilizing "porters", people who are hired to walk around carrying terminals that receive and broadcast signals from "Noah II" the Nozomi Group is able to conduct localized or targeted application of Noah II's power.