Nanami's Di Sword

A "Di-sword", short for Dirac Sword, is a weapon weilded by Gigalomaniacs in order to ease real-booting as well as fight.


The character Aoi Sena explains that every operation in the world can be described using the numbers 0, 1, and -1. Di-swords are shortcuts to creating -1's aka real-booting. According to the hole theory of the Dirac equation, when a gigalomaniac opens the channel between a Di-sword and the Dirac Sea, pair production takes place. When pair production occurs particles and antiparticles are created. These particles are what Aoi Sena calls delusional "errors" .

Sena's Di Sword

Manifestation or discoveryEdit

Di-swords are found or appear when a gigalomaniac's biorhythm rises, which causes excessive amounts of dopamine to be released in the limbic system's neurons. One's biorhythm rises when one is under agitation or stimulation regardless of what kind or the source. It varies from person to person and the greater the "stimulation" the easier it is to observe the rise in biorythm.