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Welcome to the Chaos;Head WikiEdit

This is a Wikia that talks about the anime series Chaos;Head. Thank you for your time visiting this Wikia.

About Chaos;HeadEdit

This series focuses on the main protagonist, Takumi Nishijou , a hikikomori who shuts himself inside a cargo container and very seldom attends school to fulfill his minimal attendance for his graduation requirements. After playing his game, he notices the incoming messages from his user friend Grim, he learns two events of New Generation Madness which he little knows about it. That was when his sister came. After his sister left, he notices incoming messages coming from his other user friend Shogun, that was giving him loads of image links regarding to New Generation Madness. He was shocked to see one of the images as his mouse accidentally dropped. Then later one night when he was returning from @Cafe, he heard clanking sounds of metal hitting against something along the alley. After finding out the source of the sounds, he saw something most shocking in his life.

Latest activityEdit

The main heroines. From left to right: Ayase Kishimoto, Aoi Sena, Nanami Nishijou, Rimi Sakihata, Kozue Orihara, and Yua Kusunoki.
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