Ayase Kishimoto
Kanji: 岸本 あやせ
Romaji: Kishimoto Ayase
Others: Fes
Gender: Female
Height: 162cm
Weight: 49kg
Occupation: Student
Status: Alive
Debut (Manga):
Debut (Anime):
Appears in: Manga, Anime, Game
Japanese Voice: Yui Sakakibara
English Voice: Stephanie Sheh


Ayase is a fairly tall girl with a slender body. She has pale blue hair which is kept short and styled in a pageboy. Her skin is pale, being a soft white color. Her eyes are brown. Ayase is typically dressed in her school uniform. However, when she is performing as a vocalist, she dresses in a black leather jacket, a red corset, a black leather miniskirt, red garter belts, black knee high stockings and black high heels.

Ayase generally has a stoic expression, looking focused and together. She shows a bit more emotion when interacting with Takumi.


From a distance, Ayase appears emotionless. She has a stoic expression on her face which rarely changes. She usually keeps to herself and does not interact with others. An introvert, Ayase loves to read. She is particularly interested in mythology, especially the mythology of Ancient Europe.

Ayase is a strong believer in the supernatural. In particular, she believes she is being guided by a force she refers to as the Great Will. Devoted to the Great Will, she forms the gothic rock band, Phantasm, and predicts the New Gen events through her song lyrics. While performing with her band, Ayase can be melodramatic.

Though Daisuke flirts with her often, Ayase appears to have no interest in him and typically just ignores him. She does seem to have an interest in Takumi and shows more emotion when she is with him.

In Takumi's delusions, Ayase is a darkly seductive femme fatale and tends to grab him by the shirt collar. It is unclear whether this is just how he sees her or if part of her is actually like this.  


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